Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The heart, the mind and the sources.

When the time is right, make your meditations.
When another time arrives, perhaps then it is time to move forward
… or perhaps retreat.

You will know by your meditations.

Do not think before you dream, but dream before you think.
Do not request of your dream carriage a specific thought about which to dream.
Rather, let you dreams carry you where they will.

I you believe that you must think more than you must meditate your vessel is landlocked.
Consider then in your thoughts the far reaches of your journey;
all the places you may decide to visit, observe and experience.
Let not your mind dominate your heart with its mental contrivances
that say, “I am more important than you.”
Those are concoctions by the mind for the mind.

Such are the childish notions
that challenge the wisdom of your heart.

Search far and wide for the sources of your secrets
… and you will understand that those sources are within,
not without.

Search there.

Your heart knows of poverty and can wear it like cloth worn and frayed.
Your heart knows of luxury and can wear it like a warm coat.
It is your mind that knows only avarice.