Monday, June 01, 2020

On Identity

I do not see us a born 
identity intact.
Soul yes ... 
mortal who-I-am, no.

The first moment at birth 
we begin taking in cues and clues 
as to where we have arrived 
leads us to a wonder within 
and not mortal words 
we have yet to learn
to compose into phrases 
and to speak out loud
"Who am I?"

We seek identity 
using resources at hand. 
This is our Eden
our first home 
we perceive 
with wide-eyed innocence 
and abounding curiosity.

We assume things 
what we imagine 
visible things
sights and sounds 
and make assumptions 
where we are, 
who we are 
how we belong.

Some assumptions and imaginings 
prove incorrect
 and we fall 
from our little Eden, 
cause there are venues of error. 

We weep and give up our Eden, 
enter a world 
ever stranger.
We have begun nourishment 
from a tree of knowledge 
able carry with us out of Eden.

We leave, 
more questions 
than answers, 
curiosity intact 
and journey through 
the Empire of Confusion.

Our path 
lit by awareness 
not blocked by darkness.

As new views appears
new promptings are felt. 
Yes, vast tracts
of unknowns in the Empire.
But we err 
if we assume 
our path to identity 
is not lighted.

We learn to not rush about 
here and there, 
on and off our path
in aimlessness. 
We tread with curiosity 
and affection for learning. 

Our stride is light 
but not as in  tiptoe 
but as in dance; 
with pleasure of movement 
guided by rhythm 
and balance.

In this way 
calmness and awareness
of loving and being loved
 in the presence 
 becomes possible.

Eden perhaps then 
is our constant companion.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Solitude, Unspoken and All That Is

Solitude is not something 

one hopes to have in the future. 

Rather, it is a deepening of what is in the present. 

If you do not look for it in the present 

you will never have it 

The Unspoken 

Mind speaks to mind 

with spoken or written words. 

When heart speaks to heart 

it is with words unspoken and unwritten.

Imagination helps one see 

further than the eyes see 

and hear sounds 

fainter than ears can detect.

The mystical task 

a person must set for himself 

is not to feel secure, 

but to be able to tolerate insecurity. 

As aging continues, 

insecurity makes a greater contribution 

to the process than it did before.

One may fail as an original thinker 

simply because his memory is too good. 

The remedy may then be to bypass memory 

and require that the unconscious feed the muse. 

This may require that 

one perceives unity in the roaring of the winds 

and the quiet song of of a tranquil pool.

How will you keep the fires in the hearth 

burning with the flames of creativity? 

By seeking through spirit effort 

for kindling to ignite.

On character ... 

without knowledge of 

or the ability to forge 

laws of right conduct 

you will not forge your character.

All That Is 

is a result of universal creativity. 

There is nothing dead in Nature.

Without intuition 

you will forever feel disconnected 

... or alone.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The heart, the mind and the sources.

When the time is right, make your meditations.
When another time arrives, perhaps then it is time to move forward
… or perhaps retreat.

You will know by your meditations.

Do not think before you dream, but dream before you think.
Do not request of your dream carriage a specific thought about which to dream.
Rather, let you dreams carry you where they will.

I you believe that you must think more than you must meditate your vessel is landlocked.
Consider then in your thoughts the far reaches of your journey;
all the places you may decide to visit, observe and experience.
Let not your mind dominate your heart with its mental contrivances
that say, “I am more important than you.”
Those are concoctions by the mind for the mind.

Such are the childish notions
that challenge the wisdom of your heart.

Search far and wide for the sources of your secrets
… and you will understand that those sources are within,
not without.

Search there.

Your heart knows of poverty and can wear it like cloth worn and frayed.
Your heart knows of luxury and can wear it like a warm coat.
It is your mind that knows only avarice.