Monday, February 28, 2022

Prance to Glory


To what aspires the small in the presence of their choir?
Nothing less than mere and minimal extraordinariness
therein in lies adoration besought by human ego

much more exhilarating than the kindness of compassion.
'Tis small-minded to seek the grand show
where to be seen in motion is to be seen in imagined greatness 

The measure of which is shallow unheard clapping.
Such is the hopeful posture of the proud-minded
who would give it all to merely be seen as heroic.

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

A Truth You Ought Not Share

A truth you ought not share
If you do not believe it.
If you believe it and share
You share only your understanding;
Not something assignable to
or possessed by the Divine
Who never authored any books
Telling what to believe and why.
Just you.

Do not create
Do not imagine
Do not think out loud
That you endorse the will of the Divine…
Something you do not know or understand.
You only guard or make sacred your own
Personal foible.

All your privacies are open secrets
To the Divine.
The secrets you believe you have divined
Are nothing other than things
Hidden in plain sight
Since the foundation of the world.
You intrude on social good
If you insist that you are
A solver of religious mysteries.

Monday, June 01, 2020

On Identity

I do not see us a born 
identity intact.
Soul yes ... 
mortal who-I-am, no.

The first moment at birth 
we begin taking in cues and clues 
as to where we have arrived 
leads us to a wonder within 
and not mortal words 
we have yet to learn
to compose into phrases 
and to speak out loud
"Who am I?"

We seek identity 
using resources at hand. 
This is our Eden
our first home 
we perceive 
with wide-eyed innocence 
and abounding curiosity.

We assume things 
what we imagine 
visible things
sights and sounds 
and make assumptions 
where we are, 
who we are 
how we belong.

Some assumptions and imaginings 
prove incorrect
 and we fall 
from our little Eden, 
cause there are venues of error. 

We weep and give up our Eden, 
enter a world 
ever stranger.
We have begun nourishment 
from a tree of knowledge 
able carry with us out of Eden.

We leave, 
more questions 
than answers, 
curiosity intact 
and journey through 
the Empire of Confusion.

Our path 
lit by awareness 
not blocked by darkness.

As new views appears
new promptings are felt. 
Yes, vast tracts
of unknowns in the Empire.
But we err 
if we assume 
our path to identity 
is not lighted.

We learn to not rush about 
here and there, 
on and off our path
in aimlessness. 
We tread with curiosity 
and affection for learning. 

Our stride is light 
but not as in  tiptoe 
but as in dance; 
with pleasure of movement 
guided by rhythm 
and balance.

In this way 
calmness and awareness
of loving and being loved
 in the presence 
 becomes possible.

Eden perhaps then 
is our constant companion.