Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Secret Thoughts

My Secret Thoughts

Thoughts are the blueprints from which my words flow;
the source of the questions of what I would know

about life's many lessons and where I fit in
to wend on the arduous path where I'll win

the gifts of sweet Wisdom who shares willingly
with those who seek goodness and what that might be.

My thoughts drive my words which provide me a tool
to bring to reality what gives me rule

and a sense of relationship with all the lives,
the knowing of such is all that life gives.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Lab & The Pulpit

In whom should we trust when the talk turns to God
and the creation that He hath wrought?

They who speak from the pulpit of science
with all that research hath bought?
Or they who speak from the pulpit of faith
with all that we should and must?

Each platform persuasion of mortal creation
from Eden to water and dust.
No human’s obliged to bow to the word
of the scientist who speaks of big bangs

Nor the Word of the preacher who cudgels with scripture
to pull out the scientist fangs
I went to my Master for light and for knowledge
not trusting the Biblical verse

Alone in my room and lost in a worry
that to assume from the lab may be worse
I sought Him in prayer and a trust that my doubts
He would honor and not diminish

Anon came His answer a quiet small thing,
that brought my concern to a finish.
His response was his gift of high understanding
My lamp oh so bright when his stave lit the fire

“Condemn you I won’t, my brother” he prompted,
” go your way unafraid, try again and aim higher.”

© 2007 Arthur Ruger